Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Back to another shed in Yorkshire

You may have seen a previous post that detailed the progress by Alec Swallow on his OHC Velocette Venom conversion:
This blog post gives an update on the project after another visit to Alec’s. As can be seen below the bike is now fully road registered. Many a people start a ‘special’ but never have the persistence to see the project through. For Alec to get the cammy Velo completed is an impressive piece of work. 

A grand job well done.

Alec and his latest special.

As I detailed in my previous post Alec has made his own chain driven SOHC conversion to a Venom engine. But it is not just the OHC conversion that Alec has made himself, as the pictures below detail numerous other parts Alec has manufactured for his machine. There are many parts that the average person would not consider manufacturing themselves, for example, the float chamber, all fibreglass work (petrol and oil tank, seat etc), his own de-compressor setup, the list goes on. Once again, I will let the pictures do the talking.

OHC Swallow Velocette mk 111

Remote float chamber

But Alec being Alec, always has one or two other little projects on. I had to detail his other project which has been made for the next generation Swallow. Shown below is Alec’s “Swing-bin Special”. Given the name, I think one can guess what was the basis for the chassis! Once again the swing-bin special is all up and going, however a gearing change is required, as on its first outing the young Swallow ended up out-running everyone due to its high top speed   – something Alec may have got in a little trouble for... 

Swing-bin Special