Wednesday, 19 October 2011

From the office of Joe Potts - Joe's most important pictures

After approximately thirty years three important pictures are reunited together. These three pictures were the photos that Joe Potts had in his office at Bellshill. The photos are of the racers who meant more to Joe than anyone else – Bob McIntyre, Alastair King and Charlie Bruce.

The first photo shows Bob McIntyre winning the 1959 Senior F1 TT on one of Joe’s Manxes.

The second shot is taken after the “Formula double Scotch” (or the 1959 F1 TT) and shows Alastair King with Bob Mac. Alastair also won the Junior F1 TT on Joe’s AJS 7R. The two photos from the Formula 1 TT were supplied to Joe by the Motor Cycling Magazine.

The final photo shows Joe’s old friend Charlie Bruce on his DOHC Velocette. It can be seen that Charlie has remounted after a crash (rips on the back of his leathers).

The photos had been kept in a garage but have now been mounted in new frames which are the same as Joe himself specified (he had written light oak on the back of each picture).

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