Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Paul Dunstall: Genuine Domiracer Equipment

In 1958 Paul Dunstall went somewhat against the grain and started to race a Norton Dominator motorcycle. This was quite unusual at the time, as generally they were not considered to be a machine fit for this purpose and Norton already produced a very able racing motorcycle in shape of the Manx. Through his racing exploits Paul developed the Norton Twin with considerable success and following his retirement in 1960, was able to offer a range of special and tuning equipment for the various models. In 1961 he became an official Norton dealer.
In 1963 Dunstall purchased the works Norton Domiracer that had been ridden by Tom Phillis to 3rd place in the 1961 Senior TT. He also purchased all remaining spares and stock relating to Doug Hele’s experimental  lowboy project.

Tom Phillis 1961 Senior TT

This is a short blog on his catalogue from the early 1960’s listing the parts available for these models.

Dunstall provided race bikes for many riders over the years, the following are listed in his catalogue:-
Chris Conn
Dave Degens
Dave Downer
Joe Dunphy
Dereck Minter
Sid Mizen
Fred Neville
Tom Phillips
Colin Seeley

He continued to develop the Norton Twin throughout the 1960’s and in 1969 started the season with a radically different spine-framed machine designed by Eddie Robinson. This frame was manufactured for Dunstall by Jim Lee at his Birstall premises in Yorkshire and was considerably lower and lighter than the previous lowboy design. Jim went on to produce some very successful spine-framed machines of his own, the most successful being the TR2B Yamaha raced by Mick Grant.

Dunstall Drainpipe

And so to the catalogue.

By 1966 Dunstall was building complete machines, based on the Norton, BSA and Triumph twin cylinder models available at the time. As well as offering various light-alloy and tuning modifications, options included seats, tanks and fairings, all of which gave the machine a distinct Dunstall look. In 1970 he became a Honda dealer and parts were included in his later catalogues for these machines. He also put his name to a 3 cylinder Kawasaki racing motorcycle designed and built by Alan Baker. Again the frame and tanks of this machine were built by Jim Lee in Yorkshire and it used a double disc front brake designed by Eddie Robinson which had previously been used on the ‘drainpipe’ Norton bike.

Dunstall continued to sell customising parts for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and BMW machines until he sold the company name in 1982.


  1. The rider of the Domiracer in the 1961 Senior TT was Tom can see his helmet kangaroo logo just visible...